Meet CheckedUp

We are a physician-founded, physician-run patient education company offering tech-enabled patient engagement solutions.

Our devices are being used by over 30,000 healthcare professionals to educate patients on their conditions and potential treatment options, and provide engaging, specialty specific content during patient down time or waiting periods.

We provide these great tools at no cost to the practices and hospitals themselves.

CheckedUp’s Guiding Principles

The founders of CheckedUp recognized a gap in the Point of Care. Patients needed condition-specific information, healthcare providers needed to educate patients, and the old system wasn’t working.

We built the first and only physician-founded, specialty technology platform to enhance and optimize the point of care. We engage and educate patients and caregivers before, during, and after appointments, empowering more meaningful conversations that lead to decisions made with clarity and confidence.

Our team is guided by our vision to help enhance and advance the health and wellbeing of people, and by those operating principles

Put People First

To achieve our ultimate goal of creating better healthcare experiences, our focus remains fixed on improving the path to wellness for all of the people involved. People always come first.

Physician Founded

As the only physician-founded specialty technology platform, we are trailblazers, embracing technology to develop new products and services that enhance the Point of Care.

Optimize Efficiency

Efficiency is a key to success, required to maximize productivity. In all we do, we ask how we can make the most out of every minute while eliminating bottlenecks.

Educate and Empower

Education is at the heart of CheckedUp. We believe knowledge is power and continuously develop new and creative ways to deliver information the patients need to know.

Commit to Success

We understand the immense importance of our mission for the Point of Care so work hard and continue to push ourselves to create better healthcare experiences.

Adapt and Evolve

In our ever-changing world, CheckedUp stays ready to adapt and evolve so we can best serve patients, healthcare providers, our team, and our partners.

What We Value


Recognize, understand, and relate to the thoughts and feelings of our team and our clients.


Think outside the box and continuously strive for new, original ideas to improve the solutions we provide.


Work together in synergy with all members of the team and support each other to achieve our shared goals.


Be honest, stand up for what is right, and do what is best for all involved parties at all times, no matter who is watching.


Commit to a level of excellence in all we do, take pride in our work, and strive to excel in every aspect of our business.


Take ownership of our positions and all aspects of our work. Promptly admit, correct, and learn from mistakes. Be a reliable part of the team.

Our Team

Meet the team behind CheckedUp, working together and driven by our core values to create more meaningful healthcare experiences.

What They’re saying

I saw CheckedUp at my Rheumatologist and had my doctor email graphics directly to me. How cool!