Reach patients and providers at the critical moments

CheckedUp’s patient engagement technology brings your message to a targeted population where and when it will have the most impact.

For Partners

Be part of the patient journey alongside trusted medical information from reputable sources.

Our Explorer Digital Waiting Room TVs and Consult Digital Exam Room Wallboards are:


We match your message to your targeted physicians in specialist practices.

100% Digital

Avoid the hassle and germ spread associated with print. All content is produced and distributed digitally.


Our WiFi enabled devices feature seamless network updates and contactless troubleshooting.


Join conversations in the most critical decision-making moments.

Give patients the knowledge they need in the most critical moments

The CheckedUp digital patient engagement solution provides easy access to the reputable medical information patients need when medical decisions are made.

Explain difficult conditions using in-depth patient guides from trusted US institutions, 3D anatomical diagrams, and specialty-specific functionality.

Share information with patients through email, extending care to the home.

Enhance your patients’ experience, reduce perceived wait time, and keep patients attentive with mindful wellness programming.

Dedicated to trust and transparency

We strive to lead the industry as your trusted partner at the Point of Care.

Our connected digital network was one of the first companies to have all its product lines certified under the Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA) updated Verification and Validation guidelines for 2021. Our commitment to openness is unwavering, leading the charge to set guidelines to promote transparency and audit in the Point of Care marketing space.

CheckedUp is a proud member of the Point of Care Marketing Association and is certified by BPA Worldwide.

What They’re saying

CheckedUp was a huge upgrade from our previous screens. Now we can draw and update the content overnight. Our patients love it and we will be adding CheckedUp to our new location when it opens in August.