Elevate your practice with patient engagement technologies.

For Providers

CheckedUp provides the resources to effectively educate patients, promote your practice and services, and increase patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Optimize the Moment of Care with CheckedUp

In the critical moments when medical decisions are made, our Explorer Digital Waiting Room TVs and Consult Digital Exam Room Wallboards provide easy access to the reputable information patients need, saving you valuable time and…

Improving Productivity

By educating patients in the waiting and the exam rooms, patients feel better prepared and physicians can manage consultations more effectively.

Increasing Revenue

By educating each patient on procedures, products, and new offerings, providers can increase practice revenue and premium adoption.

Empowering Patients with Information

Provide patients with credible information so they can confidently participate in care decisions, leaving them more satisfied with their experience.

With No Worry
About Cost

CheckedUp’s solutions are complimentary for practices. We handle all implementation and associated costs, making your decision risk-free.

Our Point of Care tech platform integrates the best in patient education and sponsored messaging

CheckedUp’s patient engagement solutions make sure your message is delivered where it matters most. Our explosive growth throughout the Point of Care channel includes specialist practices, cancer treatment centers, large heathcare systems, hospitals, and private equity-backed chains.

CheckedUp is reaching patients and providers at the Point of Care

of patients seek out educational info featured in their physician’s office
of patients take action after seeing an ad at the POC
of patients are more likely to discuss an ad seen in the office with the doctor**
of patients are more willing to fill a prescription after seeing an ad in the doctor’s office**
adults who were exposed to POC advertising switched brands***
patients asked their physician to prescribe an advertised drug***
Patients exposed to ads in office are 15% more likely to pay more for branded drugs than generic ones***
ROI delivered by POC marketing

Explorer Digital Waiting Room TV

Increase brand adoption by promoting to an attentive audience while they wait. Promotional messages share a rotation with fresh, informative content provided by leading health associations in the US. Partners can opt to use QR codes on ads, so their messages can accompany patients into their appointment and home via mobile devices.

Consult Digital Exam Room Wallboard

Educate patients and providers with sponsored content that plays approximately every five minutes. Brand messaging alternates with an image-based presentation of conditions and treatments, in the room in which patients and doctors are making critical health decisions together. Our Brand Resource Center option allows partners to share videos, brochures, savings cards, and other branded content with patients in the exam room.

What They’re saying

There is no better platform for patient education in Oncology than CheckedUp. Their screens are easy to use, easy to update, and most importantly, the content is up to date to help our patients